Mar 02

Gucci’s Sofia heels are everywhere

Category: Fashion,Linux,Shoes   — Published by tengo on March 2, 2009 at 7:08 am

Gucci Sofia mid-heel pumps, available for $610 from New York to Tokyo to provincial Germany: the classy Gucci Sofia pumps with tortoise shell heel are everywhere! In case you need to spend a little bit of your spare money, head over to Gucci and buy yourself a pair, fairly priced at $610.

Done so, you can get in line with Kristen Steweart, who wore the Sofias at the Twilight Promotion in Tokyo (and as a Gucci fan also elsewhere). Same for German starlet Verona Pooth, who obviously is an early Gucci adopter, showing up in a German Talkshow with them as well.

The promotion for the Cruise collection 2009 - for example the fashion show has been broadcasted live via webcast on July 8th 2008 - seems to work its magic. And celebrities are picking it up. As it seems I have missed a few more occasions (tell me about them!), as a note on the Saks websites sais that "Due to popular demand, a customer may order no more than three units of this item every thirty days." Enough said.

Pictorial proof

Kristen Stewart in Tokyo: here, here and here.
Verona Pooth on the NDR TalkShow 30th anniversary:  here (via).

Getting a pair

The Gucci Sofia mid-heel pump from the Cruise 2009 collection is available in Black leather (id 212903 AL200 1000) , Mystic White and in Red (without the tortoise heels). Sadly, you can't grab these at Zappos, Endless or the like. Go to and for more luck.