Jan 22

Fringes on tops, boots and bags

Category: Accessoires,Fashion,Linux,Shoes   — Published by tengo on January 22, 2009 at 6:02 am

It 2009, and the questions is: what are hot trends that survived the turn of the year? One thing will surely be the fringe trend which surfaced at the end of summer 2008!

Currently, its hip to wear fringed tops, boots or bags. One thing is important to note: fringes aren't so closely related with a Hippie or Native American style anymore. This time, wear them as style statement in a glamorous way. But stick to one rule: always just one (1!) fringed piece - so you don't overdo it.

N.Y.L.A. fringed boot, available from amazonA few good picks might be Chinese Laundry's Kipp, N.Y.L.A.'s fringed boot (pictured left, available in 4 colours), Christian Louboutin's version and GUESS' Rami boot or for the lower heel type, Rebels Poca (note the Pocahontas wink). Regarding bags, there's no way around Eva Longoria's Prada Fringe Bag, for all bargain-shoppers: this Melie Bianco hobo is more modestly prized.Some good advice and insight into the trend can be found in Gill's post here. A twist comes from the label Fringe, see it here. And be sure to check out the related trend of circular scales, i.e. see SR Square/Sondra Robert's "Mermaid".

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