Apr 03

Strong George Gina & Lucy trend beginning to fade out

Category: Fashion,Linux   — Published by tengo on April 3, 2008 at 6:53 am

Have you been to Europe lately? When you've been to London, Cologne or Düsseldorf during the last year and had a look at what young fashionistas are sporting as bags, you have surely noticed the George Gina & Lucy bags that were everywhere.

The bags with the three lion logo and the signature carabiner hook made quite an impact among circles of hip urban girls and trendy women of all ages.  They were recognizable, a bit obscure and with tags ranging from US$20 - US$200 modestly priced.

Recently, the bags have begun to lose their early-adopter appeal a bit. The bags are becoming more of a mainstream accessoire. Nevertheless, the company is still going strong in terms of sales, restlessly introducing new colours, materials and shapes.

The current line of bags is adopting the signatures of the nu rave movement, that makes them a good match for the clothing styles of labels such as me&you or Obey Clothing. We'll see if this self-nicheing will stop the brand's demise towards mainstream or if the management will do the trick and establish GGL as a major brand in the industry.


George Gina & Lucy


Obey Clothing