Jan 26

Blue is the color

Category: Fashion,Linux   — Published by tengo on January 26, 2009 at 4:49 pm

Cobal blue glass ware from bristol illustrating the blue fashion trend.Following our regular parole of "...is the color", the next rising star is strong blue, or cobal blue or royal. Rolling in from Fall 2008 Fashion Week, blue is everywhere. Eva is digging it and this striking color has popped up on all the runways (i.e. Stella McCartney) and surely will be big. Okay, it's versatile, you can wear it in Fall, Winter and Autumn. And still, it's a bit uneasy on the eyes at first...

For the early adopters, as a service, we've already spotted some nice-to-have items from around the net.

Steve Madden Trinitie pumps, $89

Steve Madden "Trinitie" (see left), $89.95, buy on stevemadden.com

Jessica Simpson "Teluride" , $88, from endless.com

Cobalt blue wedges from Old Navy

Be & D Women's "Suzy", $424 on endless.com

Tops, etc.

Jay Godfrey

Generra Short Sleeve Hooded Sweater, $169.99.

Jay Godfrey Ivy Draped Jersey Halter Dress (pictured)

"Sabeen" dress on cutesygirl.com


Aldo Gatelate Scarf in blue, $18.00

Gara Danielle Single Enamel Bangle, $46.

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