May 26

The “Selk Suit” full-body sleeping bag suit

Category: Fashion,Linux,Shirts & Tops   — Published by tengo on May 26, 2010 at 8:14 am

"You look like a radioactive tampon." -- Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell in Moon (2009)

selk suit selk’bagAnyone who've been to Moon's Sundance screening in 2009 might remember the strange yellow suit writer/director Duncan Jones entered the stage in. And if you've seen his film Moon, wheather at Sundance or at home, you quite surely remember that Sam Rockwell wore just this cozy jumpsuit in the second half of the film. And guess what, it is not a custom wardrobe tailored by the film's Lucy Donowho, in fact it is an off-the-shelf fashion gizmo each of us can own to keep!

The Selk Suit, actually titled the selk'bag Sleep Wear System is a heavily padded full-body sleeping-bag with arms to wear. Putting one on will transform you into a creature in-between an astronaut and a puffy cloud or something - but it definitely is a comfy wearing it as it looks.
The whole concept is the brainchild of designer/inventor Rodrigo Alonso, who produces his designs exclusively through Müsuc (or Musuc as it gets simplified sometimes).

The gimmicky suit has been picked up by quite a number of online shops, and most are currently clearing out the 2009 line known from the film to get an improved version into the shelfs. Other designers are picking up the idea as well (let's call it a hommage.. or who had the idea first?) to produce similar strange full body sleep suits.

Buy one yourself for roughly US$ 150: from or
and more local dealers...